Dynamic passenger information system DFI

Better information and more transparency in Kiel’s bus transportation system - since the introduction of the computer-aided operations control system (RBL), the passenger information at important bus stops has improved significantly. At 70 locations in the city, display panels provide up-to-date information about the imminent departures.

Here is a brief technical description: The exact position of each bus is permanently detected by means of GPS and is transmitted via radio to the control center. From there, the information is forwarded to the individual DFI locations. This allows accurate information to be provided on each individual display panel regarding the time remaining until the next departure of the respective bus line. If up-to-date information is not available, the time of the next departure is shown as timetable.

In addition, in the bus stop area of the main station and inside the station building, several information boards display the next 20 bus departures including the respective platform.

In case of delays due to traffic jams or events, or if busses have to take alternative routes, the control center is able to inform the passengers within the shortest possible time via text fade about the current situation.