Tickets + prices

Bicycle transportation

Basic regulations

  • Single tickets for a bicycle (bus and ship only) are available in the first 3 price categories (PC) and are (prices valid as of 01.08.2015): PC 1 = 1.80€ / PC 2 = 2.50€ / PC 2rd = 2,70€ and PC 3 = 3.10€. They are valid only in connection with a valid ticket.
  • Day tickets for a bicycle are 4,00€ uniformly for the price categories 1 - 20, the net-wide day ticket for bicycles is available for 5,00€. They are valid only in connection with a valid ticket.
  • The travel route is determined by the ticket of the bicycle holder.
  • Freight bicycles, tandem bikes and bicycles with auxiliary motor are excluded from transportation.

Further regulations for bus services

  • In fare zone 4000 (Kiel), until further notice, transportation of bicycles is allowed all-day from Monday through Sunday. To change to different lines is only possible if the required space is available. The decision is in any case up to the driving staff. A right for transportation of bicycles does not exist.
  • Maximum 2 bicycles per bus can be carried and only if any inconvenience or risk for passengers can be excluded.
  • The transportation of pushchairs and wheelchairs has priority. This means that bicycles have to leave the bus if pushchairs or wheelchairs board at a later time. A reimbursement for the ticket is excluded.
  • The passenger is responsible for securing the bicycle.